A New Order

The global media landscape is undergoing a paradigm shift

Once upon a time, people didn’t get to choose what media they consumed. Now media doesn’t get to choose consumers. New Media is causing revolutionary changes in marketing and advertising. We are hearing “we’ve always done it this way” less and are witnessing a shift in importance from traditional ads towards engaging storytelling. Native ads are being recognized for their significance in distributing branded content.

Native advertising is experiencing rapid growth

Native advertising is made up of three main pillars; Display, Sponsorship and Social, and while its contribution in total Global Marketing spend is estimated to be 1.5% it is set to grow more than double over the coming years.

The shift is taking place due to large scale creation and domination of apps

The shift to native advertising is due to ads being blocked and the large-scale creation and domination of apps. The wider shift has been taking place since the onset of media fragmentation. It is driven by changing behaviors in consumer media consumption.

A ‘New Order’ is forming and non-intrusive marketing is becoming the new norm

A new order is one where non-intrusive relevant marketing becomes the norm. Where communication is so seamless with the typical consumption of media, that it becomes relevant. This will cause changes to revenue models, to advertising standards, to company structures and to the overall marketing mix.

The language of New Media is native content and Augustus is primed to lead

We believe a good product is one that provides value to the user, the same goes for good marketing. To be truly native requires both the principles of publishing and advertising, a fusion between media creation, creative work and media planning. The language of New Media is native content and we speak it.

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