The Company Behind Lovin Dubai Record Revenue Numbers of $10M in 2023

Dubai, UAE – Augustus Media is pleased to present its 2023 Annual Report, offering shareholders and stakeholders an insightful overview of their business model, financial performance, and strategic outlook. In the ever-evolving landscape of modern media, Augustus Media continues to thrive, recording a significant milestone of $10 million in revenue for the fiscal year.

Augustus Media has pursued a bold vision to become the preferred modern media company in the Arab World. Headquartered in Dubai, they have expanded our footprint across key cities such as Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and Cairo. Today, the influence extends throughout the Middle East, engaging with over 6.3 million social media followers and serving a diverse audience of over 1 million readers annually.

The year 2023 marks a significant achievement for Augustus Media, with revenues reaching a remarkable $10 million. This milestone reflects our steadfast dedication to excellence, innovation, and delivering value to our stakeholders. Despite the challenges posed by the dynamic media industry, we have demonstrated resilience and agility, resulting in sustainable growth and profitability.

“Becoming a 9-figure revenue media business in an emerging market is a milestone we are proud of, and to do that with a healthy profit margin. 2023 was a strong year of revenue and audience growth not without its challenges. Our report also highlights what we see as further direction of the business as we continue to build this business as the leading modern media company in the region”

Richard Fitzgerald, CEO & Founder of Augustus Media

“As we navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, Augustus Media remains committed to our strategic vision of being at the forefront of modern media innovation. We will continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies, expand our reach across new platforms, and foster deeper engagement with our audience. Our goal is not only to maintain our leadership position but to also set new standards of excellence in the industry. We invite shareholders, investors, and stakeholders to explore our 2023 Annual Report, available on our website. Gain insights into our achievements, challenges, and strategic initiatives as we chart a course for continued success in the dynamic world of modern media.”
Josef Obeid, CFO, Augustus Media 

Annual Report 2023 here.




About Augustus Media  

Augustus Media is an award-winning Middle Eastern digital media company based in Dubai and Riyadh and has been designed to adapt and evolve to this perpetually changing media environment. 

Augustus Media caters to individuals seeking the finest experiences in life, guided by the mantra of “Lovin’ Your Life.” Smashi, designed for the driven, dreamers, and doers, offers a unique Middle Eastern streaming service focusing on business, technology, and culture. Smashi Sports falls as a vertical under Smashi which aims to make local sports more accessible across the region, supported with on-demand recordings.