Why Augustus?


We take care of our staff and strive to make their time with us as memorable, rewarding and progressive as possible.

We believe in empowering and nurturing talent, we do not stifle growth in the relentless pursuit of our mission.

If you would like to be part of something special, tell us why at hello@weareaugustus.com

Our Values


There is a bit of genius in everything we do. We take pride in our creative originality.


Good things come to those who work for them. We always persevere and persist


A high level of performance is about speed and momentum. We are fast and agile in how we think, operate and act.

Why Augustus?


Richard Fitzgerald

Has supported Blackburn Rovers FC since 1992 and would like to own the club one day!

Josef Obeid
Finance Director

A Lebanese without a Lebanese Passport!

Amy Jones
Content Director

Got locked in an airport overnight whilst travelling the world

Abdallah Nasser
Senior Product Manager

Spent way too much money on gaming, WORTH IT!

Iyad Al-Saady
Lovin Saudi Country Manager

Participated in the biggest burnout in the Guinness World Record.

Saba Alkhatib
Account Executive

Saba likes to bake, cookies are her speciality, we may have to judge that one day! She also likes singing, jazz and musical theatre songs.

Abdulmohsin Lafi
Writer & Host

I spent 30 days in an isolation camp in Canada without having a mobile. Turned vegan in 2017

Casey Fitzgerald
Senior Writer & Host

Has lost count of the times she has read the Harry Potter books

Sally Kanaan
Commercial Manager

Was a Tumblr influencer at age 15

Kawtar Ahfid
Account Manager

Is mildly obsessed with Eminem and can rap every song!

Richie Hiranandani
Senior Videographer

Would like to be DOP or a youtuber creator with 3 channels that each have about 5 million subscribers

Chaitanya Sinha
Senior Motion Artist

Getting sh*t done since 1991...

Kawtar Ahfid
Account Manager

Is mildly obsessed with Eminem and can rap every song!

Mayowa Tola-Vosstt
Senior Commercial Manager

Moved to a french speaking Caribbean island for a year and a half.

Shahnaz Usman
Senior Finance Executive

Aiming to read #100booksin2019. 47 complete, 53 to go.

Hala Bassam
Presenter & Producer SMASHI TV

I am a creator, I love creating content and I enjoy being the medium that spreads the right messages to the world.

Yasir Fawad
Transport Cordinator

Has worked in the UAE for 14 years!

Khaled Alawad
Writer & Host Lovin Saudi & SMASHI TV

Does not like children crying, sports, cars, loud voices, traffic jams & laban after lunch!

Lina Alkadhim
Digital Designer

Never travel with me if you want to fly on time

Faisal Al Qahtani
Commercial Executive

He loves to travel a lot, is always looking for new challenges in life, and one of the things that he does not like is grumbling!

Rasha Hassan
Writer & Host on Lovin Saudi

She is a voracious reader and loves writing, currently finishing her first book.

Yana Kalashnikova
Media Producer

She loves films so much that she graduated with a BA in film. Yana also loves to game, everything from board games to video games.

Jithin Jacob
Commercial Executive

He likes football, particularly Manchester United and believes the glory years are on their way back!

Ali Baba
Production Executive

Ali's hobbies include playing basketball and video games (mostly FIFA), and saxophone from time to time.

Luvneesh Lulla
Commercial Executive

Football, long-distance running, and swimming are his passions.


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