Middle Eastern digital media company

Located in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Qatar it has been designed to adapt and evolve to this perpetually changing media environment.

Our Mission

To become the preferred modern media company in the Arab world, by consistently delivering innovative and groundbreaking media communication that enriches the lives of our audience.

We are committed to inspiring and sharing compelling stories that resonate with our audience, ultimately creating meaningful and valuable experiences.

Our Mission

To become the preferred modern media company in the Arab world, by consistently delivering innovative and groundbreaking media communication that enriches the lives of our audience.

We are committed to inspiring and sharing compelling stories that resonate with our audience, ultimately creating meaningful and valuable experiences.

Our Story

What started as a franchise of Lovin, has now grown into three publishing brands, and the leading content studio in the Middle East.

Meet the Team

A curated team of international experts united by a single goal.




Meet the Team

A curated team of international experts united by a single goal.

Richard Fitzgerald


Is on a mission to learn every possible Arabic dialect!

Josef Obeid


A Lebanese without a Lebanese Passport!

Michael Smith

Group Commercial Director

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Nike’s and that’s kind of the same thing

Mayowa Tola-Voss

Commercial Director

Moved to a french speaking Caribbean island for a year and a half.

Hamdan Bawazir

Commercial Director of Lovin Abu Dhabi & Head of Augustus Media Abu Dhabi

An aquarist & automotive enthusiast

Casey Fitzgerald

Content Director, Writer & Presenter

Has lost count of the times she has read the Harry Potter books

Massa Haimoni

Production Executive

She’s obsessed with the color pink and real housewives of beverly hills

Aditi Sonagela

Senior Commercial Executive

She’s a Bollywood buff, absolutely adores anything with a bit of drama!

Kairo Rahman

Video & Creative Manager

Abby Griffiths

Senior account manager

Loves Sunflower & Sunshine

Sandra Emam

Writer & Social Media Executive

She’s all about Amr Diab jams and Love Island drama – a combo of Egyptian beats and British heartbreak!

Lubna Hamdan

Senior Editor & Presenter

Saima Iqbal

Senior Content Director

A handicraft enthusiast who loves collecting Indian art forms.

Suzana Gojkovic

City Manager

Thasneem Melath

Operations Manager

Played for the Indian National Throwball Team

Shahnaz Usman

Finance Manager

Aiming to read #100booksin2019. 47 complete, 53 to go.

Barbara Goretti

Finance Executive

Bilal Ahmad

Transport Coordinator

Huge fan of cricket, and love to play PUBG

Sally Kanaan

Commercial Manager

Mildred Roxas


Her favourite colour is blue and her favourite hobby is playing online games.

Chaitanya Sinha

Senior Motion Graphics Artist

Getting sh*t done since 1991…

Natasha Lopez

Graphic Designer

Curious traveler, embracing new experiences while jamming to Taylor Swift.

Ali Baba

Senior Production Executive

Ali’s hobbies include playing basketball and video games (mostly FIFA), and saxophone from time to time.

Mohamed Hesham

Senior Producer

Production is the ultimate team sport – Football is life

Ali Khaleel

Broadcast Executive

Farah Bachir

Senior Writer & Host

As calm as she may seem to be, Farah speaks her mind and says it as it is, she is friends with everyone and has a passion for public speaking and her gift is that she can speak on any matter. She loves food, and is very kind and calm!

Anood Mughrabi

Client Service Executive

Always ready for an adventure

Mayar Ibrahim

Senior Executive - Writer & Presenter

Always ready to catch a flight with books in hand and a Taylor Swift playlist for the journey ahead!

Farah Makhlouf

Senior Writer & Host

Can talk about colour, cut, clarity and carat all day

Anika Eliz Baby

Writer & Host

Yes, Baby is actually her surname! You will find her buried in a pile of books or experimenting with various kinds of writing. Beware, she may catch you off guard with an irresistibly terrifying pun.

Luvneesh Lulla

Senior Commercial Executive

Jithin Jacob

Senior Commercial Executive

A car fanatic, sneaker enthusiast, and fervent supporter of Manchester United. Weekends? Working on his car & watching his savings disappear faster than an Ashley Young dive.

Lina Abdelaziz

Commercial Executive

She is an extrovert and is excited to explore all that is new. In her free time, she plays basketball, goes horse riding, and writes.

Saguna Khullar

Commercial Executive

She’s a gram-savvy aesthetic enthusiast, obsessed with everyday beauty and interior design – her love for fancy furniture might just rival her love for humans!

Omar Aly

Commercial Executive

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Marwa Alokaily

Senior Account Executive

She is a free soul, chasing her dreams of working on big media projects with a creative and passionate team in a friendly environment.

Mahira Khurram

Senior Account Executive

Lowkey obsessed with pink binders and trashy reality TV shows like the classic “Love Island”

Ranim AlTayech

Senior Account Executive

Obsessed with keeping up with all the best reality TV, and pop culture.

Iyad Al-Saady

Country Director

Participated in the biggest burnout in the Guinness World Record.

Sami Abdin

Content Director KSA

Lived in 7 different countries in the past 14 years!

Joud Almashy

Account Manager

Danah Khodor

Senior Commercial Executive

Love everything nature and spending time by myself

Saheb Ali Alhassan

Videographer - Senior Executive

99% coffee, 1% other things.

Fares Mohammed

Writer/Presenter - Executive

Fahad Alharbi

Senior Production Executive

Born and raised in Makkah,

Worked as editing and streaming supervisor and I am Working in media field since I was 14 years.

Huriyyah Balharith

Graphic Designer

Love Music & oceans my best quote kill em with kindness

Ramy Bohloq

Content Creator - Senior Executive

Ramy loves creating content, loves tasting all kinds of food, and loves playing music

Naif Aldurayhim

Content Executive

Naif is Interested in watching local and international football and he loves a variety of sports.

Asrar Alharbi

Content Executive

Rama Maad

Writer/ Host - Senior Executive

A hybrid Saudi Lebanese and a massive history nerd

Ibrahim Altlassi

Content Writer & Host

I’m extremely passionate about sports media, and for me, Sergio Ramos is the best player in the world

Hera Shabbir

Senior Writer & Social Media Executive

‘I spend way too much time on my phone but thank God I get paid for it. I also love to paint, read, and play cards and like to think my major skill is shopping.’

Sara Alhatem

HR & Operations Executive

I love arts, such as drawing and fashion design, and I also love writing stories, such as anime and manga

Tamim Iqbal


“I have an insatiable passion for travel, where every destination becomes a canvas for unforgettable memories, every adventure a chapter in the story of my life.”

Shady Mazhar

Managing Director

Nada Abdrabou

Content Director Augustus Egypt

Nada Amr

Senior Executive Writer

Football enthusiat, especially Al Ahly!

Mariam El Menofy

Producer Executive

MIA catching flights & mingling with strangers.

Yara Emam

HR & Operations Executive

Yara delights in watching animated movies

Aya Elleethy

Senior Finance Executive

Aya enjoys crafting and reading novels

Madonna Zaky

HR & Operations Manager

Suzanne El Zeiny

Finance & Admin Executive

99% green tea, 1% human.

Lana Abdelaziz

Senior Content Manager

I love books, tango, and true crime documentaries.

Mohamed Tarek

Video Editor

A gamer enthusiast and In quiet moments, I find solace and reflection

Begad Abo Elnasr

Video Editor

Just a small town boy in a big arcade, falling in love with a fairytale.

Farah Abdelkarim

Senior Writer & Host

Passionate writer by day, glamming people by night!

Manar Eissa

Presenter and Writer

Manar is interested in politics, soccer, and true crime documentaries.

Noha Ashraf

Senior Writer & Host

Noha loves creating art and loves watching K-Dramas!

Adham Ahmed Gamal

Quality Assurance Executive

I enjoy music, early morning coffee ,and want to start fishing

Ashraf El-sonbaty

Performance executive

Ash love skateboarding, music and movies too

Rana Elsaeed

Content Creator

A dog lover who prefers the company of dogs over people, and a skilled movie script writer. Her favorite pastime? Listening to music alone. Fun fact: She’s an expert at analyzing personalities based on zodiac signs. ????????????????

Noor ElFayoumi

Account - Executive

Noor loves baking and watching Netflix

Islam Gamal

Office Assistant - Executive

I am committed to continuous self-development and enjoy exploring new destinations through travel. Additionally, I am passionate about football, with Zamalek being my favorite team

Madonna Nabil

Graphic Designer - Executive

You might see me rearranging items on a store shelf for better visual balance!

Mostafa Mahmoud

Sport Writer - Executive

I love reading, sports, documenting, psychology and also creating stories about the origin of everything

Malak Nazir

Writer & Presenter - Executive

The goofiest person alive and game nights will probably be on her!

Raghad Khaled

Writer - Executive

Cats, Travel, Music, Politics & Coffee. In that order.

Omar Mahmoud

Full stack Developer

Football lover and EAFC ace. Avid player, relentless competitor. Mastering the game, on-screen and off

Abdallah Ehab

iOS Developer

Mahmoud Soudi

Tech Lead

Aya Ahmed Mekawy

Account Manager

An introvert who is consistently stuck in numerous extroverted activities


Hussien el shallaly

Finance Manager

Hussien loves sports, supports Zamalek and loves business writing

Essam Mosbah

Android Developer

In addition to fixing bugs, Essam is a traveler and photography enthusiast. Loves exploring new places and capturing beautiful moments.

Menna Metwally

Backend Developer

Menna loves drawing, cooking, coffee and cars.

Haitham Helmy

Wordpress Developer

I keep learning, I keep teaching, and I keep my eye on the goal

Our Values


There is a bit of genius in everything we do. We take pride in our creative originality.


Good things come to those who work for them. We always persevere and persist.


A high level of performance is about speed and momentum. We are fast and agile in how we think, operate and act.

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