A Growing Team

We are proud to announce the growth of our team across offices in Saudi and Cairo.  

As a team, we are always looking to grow, develop and adapt to this perpetually changing media environment. 

Hence, it is essential to develop on a team with a focus on our key values; tenacity, velocity and ingenuity. 

Lets’s welcome our new members: 

Farah Makhlouf joins as a Writer & Host on the Lovin brand and will be working remotely in Cairo. She started off as an intern, moved on to freelancing and became a full-time employee for Augustus Media. She moved from Dubai to Cairo and considers both to be her home. She graduated from AUD in 2020 with a Bachelors’s degree in Communication and Information Studies. 

Fun Fact: Farah fosters cats, organizes for fun, tells baristas her name is Joy and writes whenever she can — not just at work. Follow her here. 

Fadwa Fakhry joins as a part of our team in Cairo as Executive – Community Manager. She graduated with a Major in Marketing from Ahram Canadian University, Business school, in 2016. Her past experiences include her work as an Account Executive – soon after she started exploring her talent in food styling, photography and cooking since the pandemic. 

Fun Fact: She has her own Instagram page with over 7K followers and had the opportunity to be featured on CBC for a live cooking segment and work with Fatafeat as a food stylist. Follow her here. 

Ali Elmahdi has joined us as a Web Developer in Cairo. He is a web and mobile apps developer, born and raised in Jeddah – studied Computer Science at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. 

Fun Fact: He likes watching and playing sports, learning and picking up new languages as well as traveling to new places to try their food. Follow him here. 

Hussam Algamdi has joined us in Riyadh, working on the content team. He is a videographer and accustomed to making films. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from King Abdulaziz University and has worked with Okaz and Aljazirah newspapers. 

Fun Fact: He is a music and sports fan, especially football.

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