SMASHI Adds New Shows To Its Lineup Along With eSports, Crypto and Green Verticals

smashi new shows

When we launched SMASHI last year, it was a live streaming channel, predominately and business conferences and events in the UAE and KSA. We covered major events including Insomnia Gaming, Smarter Mobility World, AI Everything, Arab luxury Week, Arab Net Beirut, Arabian Travel Market, Future Blockchain Summit, Middle East Comic Con, STEP Conference in 2019 and 2020, World Tolerance Summit, Middle East Gamescon, ON:DXB, Saudi Emerging Technologies Forum, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival.

There is so much happening in the Middle East, that we want to find the best ways to explore, discover and document.

All our hosts and all our content aims to cover the most innovative products, services and technologies changing our lives. SMASHI is for the driven, the dreamers and the doers, and we hope that they found that in our content.
In addition to our live business news show on, we continue to explore with shows such as ‘Who’s Crushing Social Media’ on Snapchat, and our daily news show as a podcast, we also have Dubai Works, and the weekly live shows for Money & Business and Tech show.

Our current line up includes:

  • News Bulletin (Daily 9am – 9:10am) نشرة الصباح
    • Daily business tech and culture news, with the latest from international companies and what’s happening in the Arab region.
  • SMASHI Tech (Sunday’s 2:30pm – 3:30pm) سماشي تِك
    • The SMASHI tech show looks at the latest in the world of start-ups in the region, with one eye on the global tech giants. Our hosts and guests discuss the latest innovations changing our lives.
  • SMASHI Money & Business  (Tuesday 3:30pm to 4:30pm) مال وأعمال
    • In Business & Money, we cover all the business stories keeping the regional economies going, from energy to transport, real estate to automotive, retail to pharmaceutical, beauty to hospitality, and everything in between.
  • Who’s Crushing Social Media (Thursdays new episode at 9pm on Snapchat and all Social Media) مين مكسر السوشال ميديا؟
    • Who’s Crushing Social Media is a daily show that discusses the top trending news about influencers, viral videos, trending hashtags, entertainment, movies, and music in the region.

This month we launch 3 new verticals on social media. SMASHI Crypto, SMASHI Green and SMASHI eSports:

SMASHI Crypto: Crypto enthusiasts are part of a developing ecosystem, one full of digital currencies and blockchain technology, As this industry develops, SMASHI Crypto will cover it for the Arab world.
SMASHI Green: All things sustainability. Businesses, products and stories, be it vegan, plant-based food, clean energy, mobility or the future of the manufacturing industry, SMASHI Green has got it covered.
SMASHI eSports: SMASHI eSports covers the top trendy weekly esports news, upcoming games in the market and gaming events, along with special interviews with gamers.

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