Augustus Media Acquires Hello Qatar To Expand The Lovin Doha Brand And Opens Its First Qatar Office

Doha, Qatar- Augustus Media is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking acquisition of Hello Qatar, a leading media outlet in the heart of Doha. This strategic move marks a significant milestone for the organization’s new growth opportunities for Lovin Doha across the region. 


Augustus Media has successfully acquired the website and social media assets of Hello Qatar, a leading news platform based in Doha, Qatar. This strategic acquisition enhances Augustus Media’s digital footprint and leverages a thriving community across its platforms including the website, X, Instagram, and Facebook, and its proprietary social network. 


Lovin Doha was officially launched in 2022 to coincide with the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup and is led by Suzana Gojkovic, City Manager Lovin Doha.


Hello Qatar was set up in 2015 by Alexandre Kader who now runs consultancy American Cadwell. The platform currently has over 2.5 million social media followers, along with a website and email database. This strategic alliance leverages the strengths of both entities, combining Augustus Media’s visionary approach to digital media with Hello Qatar’s deep-rooted understanding of the local landscape.


By joining forces, Lovin Doha is set to redefine the media landscape in Qatar, delivering hyper-local content, and insightful narratives, and becoming the pulse on the latest trends.


The acquisition of Hello Qatar by Augustus Media comes at a time where the Lovin Doha platform is experiencing tremendous growth and engagement. With an expanded team of talented content creators, augmented resources, and cutting-edge technology, Lovin Doha is poised to become the go-to source for all things Qatar.



Augustus Media has also officially opened an office in Doha, Augustus Media LLC in Qatar established under Media City Qatar (MCQ). The company behind Lovin Dubai, and the Lovin platform is now present across 22 cities in the MENA region; Smashi brands are Smashi Business and Smashi Sports will also now operate out of Qatar, and ODEUM, the content studio for brands in the region. 


“What Lovin’ does best is bring communities together,
sharing the best of its city, informing using bitesize news, viral content, and community stories. Doha is an incredible modern Gulf city, there are many platforms and creators telling its story, and the stories of the people here as it proppers, and we intend to do the same with the unique Lovin’ style. Thank you to Alex and all the great work he has done over the years.


We are delighted to make this dual announcement of the acquisition of Hello Qatar and the official opening of the Augustus Media LLC office in Qatar. A special thanks to Media City Qatar for their support and encouragement. This strategic market entry underscores our commitment to becoming the preeminent modern media company in the Middle East, and it is expected to drive significant growth and new revenue streams for our entity ”


Richard Fitzgerald, CEO & Founder Augustus Media 


About Augustus Media  

With offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi,  Riyadh,  Cairo, and now Doha Augustus Media is a multi-award-winning Middle Eastern digital media firm dedicated to adapting and evolving with the ever-changing media landscape.

The company boasts 6 million social media followers and engages with over 1 million monthly readers. Through its popular applications, websites, social media platforms, and audio channels, including Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi, Lovin Cairo, and Smashi, Augustus Media caters to individuals seeking the finest experiences in life, guided by the mantra of “Lovin’ Your Life.” Smashi, designed for the driven, dreamers, and doers, offers a unique Middle Eastern streaming service focusing on business, technology, and culture. Smashi Sports falls as a vertical under Smashi which aims to make local sports more accessible across the region, supported with on-demand recordings.

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