Lovin Cairo Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary With A Party In the North Coast

Alamein, Egypt – Augustus Media marked a significant milestone as it celebrated the first anniversary of Lovin Cairo with an unforgettable party at the “Baia Beach Club” in the North Coast. The event was impeccably organized by Laivent, with production provided by Polka Dot, and the night was set to mesmerizing soundtracks courtesy of DJ Hooka.

In attendance were esteemed team members representing 20 cities across the region, including Dubai, Riyadh, Beirut, Doha, and Bahrain. The evening was graced by the presence of influential figures media industry, including Manal Rostom, the first Egyptian Woman to Summit Mount Eerest, Shoukry, Tarek Nassar, and Zouba, as well as key clients and visionary startup owners that resonate with the region. Notably, the celebration received unwavering support from “Ali Ghzawi, Jordanian chef and Eleen Suliman, Saudi influencer” of Humanagement, talent agency who have been steadfast partners of the Lovin brand. 

The festivities extended beyond the anniversary as Lovin Cairo unveiled its newly revamped website and introduced the eagerly anticipated Lovin Merch, which was generously gifted to all attendees ahead of its official launch to the public.  Lovin Merch is set for public release in October, making it accessible to Lovin audiences across the region. 

As Augustus Media continues to expand, it is thrilled to welcome more talent across the region, bolster its existing brands, and launch innovative product offerings. Egypt, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and strategic geographical location, presents immense business potential, and Lovin is excited to harness this opportunity for growth.

Reflecting on the occasion, CEO & Founder of Augustus Media, Richard Fitzgerald said, “our mission is to tell the stories of the cities that need it most in the region, showcasing the brighter side of life while keeping people well-informed. Stories, media, and entertainment not only shape culture but also unite, inspire, and document our time. We find ourselves in a city with a storied past, but today, it’s the stories of today’s people that we are here to capture. Lovin Cairo seeks to play a significant role in the region’s exciting journey, respecting the rich traditions of art, culture, and entertainment in Egypt, all while embracing a digital-native approach.

At the heart of Augustus Media’s  purpose lies a burning passion to ignite a new era of media excellence throughout the Middle East. The Lovin brand is driven to become the unrivaled beacon, captivating audiences with awe-inspiring stories that embody the rich tapestry of this remarkable region. With Lovin being a growing brand across the region, it is now present across 20 cities across the region. Cities including Lovin Saudi, Lovin Riyadh, Lovin Doha, Lovin Beirut, Lovin Sharjah, Lovin Muscat, Lovin Baghdad, Lovin Palestine and Lovin Khartoum, sharing the best of its city, informing using bitesize news, viral content, and community stories. 

On its first annual team trip to the North Coast, and with this inaugural celebration, Augustus Media looks forward to weaving its unique narrative into the tapestry of this historic and vibrant city and across the growing MENA region. 



About Augustus Media:

With offices in Dubai, Riyadh, and Cairo, Augustus Media is a multi-award-winning Middle Eastern digital media firm dedicated to adapting and evolving with the ever-changing media landscape. The company boasts 6 million social media followers and engages with over 1 million monthly readers. 

Through its popular applications, websites, social media platforms, and audio channels, including Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi, Lovin Cairo and Smashi, Augustus Media caters to individuals seeking the finest experiences in life, guided by the mantra of “Lovin’ Your Life.”

Smashi, designed for the driven, dreamers, and doers, offers a unique Middle Eastern streaming service focusing on business, technology and culture. Smashi Sports falls as a vertical under Smashi which aims to make local sports more accessible across the region, supported with on-demand recordings.

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