Proud Partnerships Across Augustus Media Brands

We are proud to announce our media partnerships and collaborations across our brands. 

This month, we celebrated our successful partnerships across Lovin Dubai and Smashi. 

Lovin Dubai was proud to collaborate with Dubai Fitness Challenge, DP World Tour Championship, BeingShe, Vie Fashion Week, RaceME and Yasalam After-race Concerts.

Dubai Fitness Challenge – November 2021

Starting end of October, informative, promotional and community-based content was hosted across all Lovin Dubai social channels. The campaign ran until November 27th with its main objective on promoting the various fitness event details and encouraging Lovin Dubai audiences to participate and get their 30×30 done every day of the month. Lovin Dubai hosted very own Padel Tennis tournament that saw community engagement and overall great vibes.

DP World Tour Championship – November 18 – 21 2021

The media partnership included a variety of mutual deliverables that consisted of articles, competitions, video content, Morning Show sponsorship, display ads and social posts across all our platforms.

BeingShe Universe – November 2021

The BeingShe Universe contest ran across the month of November, the media partnership included informative based content that informed the Lovin Dubai audiences on the international initiative designed to transform and empower women to become the best version of themselves – with exclusive events in Dubai.

Vie Fashion Week – November 17 – 20 2021

The promotional campaign began in the month of November, featuring the longest, stunning and innovative fashion runway experience in Dubai. The media partnership included a variety of deliverables including an IG takeover to uncover an incredible experience.

RaceMe – December 3 and 12 2021

As a part of the media partnership, Lovin Dubai attended the first Doughnut Run and Santa Run with RaceME at Dubai Festival City.

Yasalam After-race Concerts – December 9-12 2021

Starting at the end of November, with Lovin Abu Dhabi as Yasalam After-race Concert’s media partner, a promotional and informative campaign was hosted across all our digital platforms – in the form of competitions, video productions, IG posts and articles.


Smashi was proud to collaborate with Step Saudi, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival and Middle East Enterprise AI & Analytics Summit. 

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival – 22-23 November 2021 

Smashi was proud to be titled Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival’s 2021 official media partner this year, 22-23 November. Team Smashi had the opportunity to chat with several industry leaders and entrepreneurs at the event. Alongside the interviews, the team had a media room with branding on-site.

Middle East Enterprise AI & Analytics Summit – 22-23 November 2021

The media partnership with the Middle East AI & Analytics Summit included physical and digital branding opportunities for both partners. Smashi had the chance to conduct interviews with several business owners in the field of AI and Analytics.


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