The Team Angel Wolf And Lovin Dubai Journey

In 2020, Lovin Dubai met Team Angel Wolf (TAW) and learned about the CDA licensed non profit foundation that encouraged inclusion of people with disabilities and pushed society to embrace their own health. 

Lovin Dubai and TAW signed a partnership agreement to encourage awareness, inclusion, acceptance, integration and equality of people with disabilities within UAE. 

Through the platform, Lovin Dubai shared articles, social posts, video content and generated display ads to share TAW’s incredible journey in promoting healthy lifestyle choices across a wider community.

The proud media partnership allowed Lovin Dubai to support and give back to the community through its social media platforms. 

As a result of the partnership, Lovin Dubai reached 2,775,548 with 103,895 users engaging with TAW content. Additionally, all content reached a total of 58,597 video views and 743,426 page views. 

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