Unveiling the Ultimate Lovin Experience: Abu Dhabi Ramadan 2024 Highlights

Our “Lovin Experience Abu Dhabi Ramadan 2024” campaign, in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Tourism & Experience Abu Dhabi aimed to generate excitement and awareness about Abu Dhabi’s unique Ramadan and Eid offerings. By showcasing the city’s vibrant Ramadan tents, community events, and impressive shopping scene, we positioned Abu Dhabi as a premier destination for unforgettable experiences across all Lovin cities’ social platforms including;- Lovin Dubai, Lovin Abu Dhabi & Lovin Riyadh.

Campaign Strategy:

We began with a bold digital transformation, rebranding Lovin Dubai to “Lovin Experience Abu Dhabi” on the first day of Ramadan, creating significant buzz. We then expanded to Riyadh for Eid, launching our first official brand takeover there. Throughout the month, we shared articles on cultural activities, F&B venues, and key dates, complemented by engaging social content like carousels and Instagram stories to create FOMO among our diverse Lovin audiences.


The campaign was a massive success:

  • 22M Total Impressions
  • 19M Reach
  • 3M Total Views
  • 53,000 Engagements

These results were 10 times our average for a Ramadan campaign, positioning Abu Dhabi as a top destination for unique events and experiences.

Lovin Experience Abu Dhabi Ramadan 2024″ set a new standard for our campaigns, effectively showcasing Abu Dhabi’s cultural and social vibrancy during Ramadan and Eid. This innovative approach captured the city’s essence, engaging millions and highlighting its cultural significance.

Campaign Case Study Below:

LOVIN x DCT RAMADAN 2024 Case Study

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